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Our qualified staff, state-of-the-art cleaning and finishing machinery and onsite
ozone and hydroxyl room ensures a complete dependable job every time.

Our pressing and finishing equipment gives garments that professional look. Sports coats, dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers and dress shirts require an experts touch.
You wouldn't ask anything less for your personal clothing, your client shouldn't either.

Fletchers Technology
Sonozaire odour Neutralizers are industrial ozone generators. They produce ozone electronically from oxygen in the air and use no chemicals.

Our ozone generator is used to remove odours caused by smoke, mould, mildew, chemicals, paint, sewage, industrial processes, animals, decaying organic matter and a variety of other sources.

The odourox hydroxyl generators use a two part treatment process to eliminate odours, decontaminate surfaces and purify the air. As air passes through, it is exposed to multiple wavelengths of UV light. The first segment of the optics, produce wavelengths that deodourize the air flow. It will break down chemical vapours, volatile organic compounds and odours as they travel through the chamber. The second segment of the optics produces wavelengths that kill micro-organisms and prevent them from multiplying. It will kill bacteria, viruses and mould as they travel through the chamber. odourox does not use any chemicals and leaves no residue.

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